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Fontana del Nettuno (Fountain of Neptune)

“Nettuno mi può giudicare” (“Neptune can judge me”), a visit to the presence of Zigànt

It is true and we have already repeated it several times: we are a very convenient choice, very close to the airport, with a large parking area, excellent restaurant, conference rooms and quality services, but we do not want you to think that you should only come to Bologna for work. Or at least not only for work.

Since life is about more than just business and also because the pleasures of the city contribute even more to a successful business trip, our advice is to take some time to visit the most characteristic places and monuments of the city, and Bologna itself.

Also of interest for those travelling to Bologna for a pleasure trip and who are looking for a hotel close to the airport, attracted by the comfortable family room of the Hotel Bologna Airport.

Undoubtedly, we can not forget the Zigànt, the Giant Neptune, placed above a magnificent statue in the square of the same name, right in the city centre, just 7 km from the hotel and also also easily accessible by bus, since the bus stop of two urban lines is just in front of the hotel. It is a symbol so famous that its trident can be also seen in the emblem of the famous car manufacturer Maserati.

In bologna the god of the sea?

It seams strange, right? In the most central  city that there is, far away from the coasts,  there is a beautiful and huge statue of Neptune. Don’t be fooled: in 1565, when the Neptune Fountain was situated, Bologna must have really seemed like a seaside town, since there were so many irrigation channels  to its ports and streams that crossed it. This is why some areas of the city are still called "Porto" or the "Navile."


The Fountain of Neptune certainly represents a symbol of pride and joy for the Bolognese, a must-see monument for tourists and for Giambologna, who built it with great obstinacy, he undoubtedly accomplished a successful revenge.

The famous Flemish sculptor, in fact, had just lost the competition for a Fountain of Neptune at the Piazza della Signoria in Florence and with this work in Bologna he gave it another try, surpassing himself.

In order to host this magnificent monument, which was completed in 1565, an entire block was pulled down, so as to create the square that you can still admire situated perfectly in the the centre of the city, at the intersection of the cardo and the decumanus from Roman times.

Such malice; the giambologna

Today we are certainly used to worse, but then the Fountain of Neptune must have tickled more than a few modesties, it gushes water from the breasts of the nymphs and portrays the nakedness of the mighty god of the sea.

As much as Giambologna would have wanted to show giant genitals, he was banned from doing so by the Church. For this reason, he played  with perspectives:  looking at the statue from the pietra della vergogna (stone of shame) at the Piazza Nettuno you will notice that the thumb of the left hand still talks to us about the brilliant flair of that mischievous artist.

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